Brenneman Pork

family run swine and grain operation

About Us

Brenneman Pork is a fully integrated, family run swine and grain operation in Washington County Iowa. Our focus is to raise quality pork in an efficient, humane, and environmentally responsible manner. Brenneman Pork works hard to produce the highest quality pork products for its consumers and promote the pork industry as a whole. We continuously seek out and refine our processes to drive improvement and remain a force in the industry.

With most family members working with the farm on a daily basis, it makes us a unique and integrated system that works best at “slat level”.  Our progressive management beliefs have brought continued positive growth since the establishment of the operation in 1980 by Rob and Char Brenneman.  Today the Brenneman’s family vision looks towards the 2nd generation growing, their children, and molding the future.  Our partnership with local contract producers and grain farmers has allowed Brenneman Pork to expand into a successful operation committed to delivering high quality, wholesome pork to families around the world!


It is our mission to ensure the efficient production and distribution of safe, healthful, and abundant pork around the globe as a cost-effective leader in the industry.

Our Promise

Brenneman Pork is committed to programs and initiatives that enable us to provide job opportunities to people within our local communities and remain accountable to sustaining the environment in which we live and work on a daily basis.

Job Creation

Brenneman Pork recognizes that our employees are the key factor in our success and it doesn’t stop with directly caring for the pigs. Pork production offers a multitude of employment opportunities within the community. We have developed strong relationships with local contract producers, grain farmers, nutritionists, trucking operations, veterinarians, building contractors and like around the community. We believe in supporting local business and stimulating sustainable economic growth.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop with our animals. We take pride in educating the local and surrounding communities on Animal Welfare and the Pork Industry as a whole, whether serving on the local Pork Board, holding tours of FFA students from Florida or supporting local charitable organizations, Brenneman Pork believes there are many ways to make a difference outside of the farm doors.

We are committed to protecting the environment and being stewards in the communities where we work and live, for today and for future generations. We are responsible for using and protecting the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. We make conscious efforts to preserve water, air and soil quality.

Our operation is focused on compliance of strict manure management practices of using and storing manure safely to ensure the protection of the environment and reduction in carbon footprint. Pork production is a leading example of sustainable agriculture – the crops feed the animals and the animals in turn feed the crops.

Brenneman Pork proudly participates in the We Care responsible pork initiative led by the National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council. We are dedicated to upholding the Pork Industry’s highest ethical principles and animal well-being practices to maintain consumer trust.

The We Care Program affirms six principles. We at Brenneman Pork acknowledge our responsibility to:

  1. Producer safe food
  2. Protect and promote animal well-being
  3. Ensure practices to protect public health
  4. Safeguard natural resources in all of our practices
  5. Provide a work environment that is safe and consistent with our other ethical principles
  6. Contribute to a better quality of life in our communities

In addition to following the We Care ethical principles, we participate in Pork Quality Assurance® Plus (PQA Plus®), Transport Quality Assurance® (TQASM) and Neighbor to Neighbor programs provided by the National Pork Board, as well as Tyson Foods’ FarmCheck™ Audit Program to maintain high-quality, safe pork production.


Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with Brenneman Pork, an equal opportunity employer. Our employees enjoy competitive wages and a family-oriented culture with opportunities for career growth.

Below is a list of the current openings with our company. Click on the job title to learn more about the opening and to apply.

All applications are reviewed by Human Resources and Management. If your experience and availability match the requirements for the position for which you have applied, you may be contacted for an interview.



If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line.  We do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.